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I don’t know what it is with these play arts figures they just seem to get better and better with each new line of figures. The level of detail and the articulation to match, I don’t think there is another set of figures that can match up to Square Enix’s level of production. However as the figure line gets better they also get more and more expensive and sometimes hard to find which, is often a pain. Cyborg Ninja AKA “Grey Fox or Frank Jaeger” was originally introduced in the PS1 game Metal Gear Solid. Fox was the only Fox-Hound operative to ever be given the codename Fox because of his skill in the battlefield. 

Metal Gear Solid’s Cyborg Ninja is the latest to join the play arts kai toy line and I have to say it is one of the best figures to date. I know I say this to myself all the time with each play arts figure I get my hands on but, it’s true this is one of the best figures to date. It’s a tuff call which is number one out of Final fantasy Gabranth and Cyborg Ninja there both just so good and very accurate to the actually characters they are based on. What is it with characters that are in amour, or where masks or are in some kind of mecha suit that makes them so cool compared to all the regular guys. 

The articulation of the Cyborg Ninja is what we have come to expect from the play arts kai line of toys minus a couple of articulate joints such as the waist. This does not hinder the poseability of the figure in any meaningful way. All the typical ninja like poses are still very much possible. There have been a number of play arts figures in the past that really needed a stand to do any meaningful poses. Personally compared to some of the other figures in the kai line I’ve been able to stand Fox in a variety of poses without the aid of a stand. This is great and pretty much explains the lack of stand included, however a stand couldn’t hurt for those that really wanted one included. I personally hate having to use a stand to get my figures to stand up in certain poses.  

Grey Fox or Frank Jaeger comes in metallic finished paint which looks mighty impressive furthermore, the level of detail on the figure looks damn nice too. The little details on the suit such as the finely printed writing down to the last detail are game accurate. A lot of effort has gone into this figure it is a finely crafted figure and it shows. 

As with most figures in the kai line Fox comes with some added accessories, such as his famous katana, arm canon and additional right hand to hold the katana sword. The katana is finely crafted and looks great but my favourite is the arm canon finely crafted also and looks mighty impressive. Unfortunately there I no alternative head showing Fox’s face like in the game, something similar to what they are doing with play arts kai character Sam Gideon from the game Vanquish.

I don’t really have anything truely bad to say about this finger is pretty much as close to prefect as you can get. Although this being the play arts figures there some people out there that might receive a bad figure with wonky joints and the wrong accessories like two of the same right hands for instance. For I have no such issues this time around with this figure thankfully. The only true downside to me about this figure and the play arts kai line in general is the pricing which seems to get even more expensive with each new release, which is a shame. Simply because these are great figures and some of us won’t be able afford them all and most of these figures don’t hang around long enough to receive a price drop. So it seems us play arts collectors whether loose or moc will have to put up with the hefty price tags which, at the moment range from £49 to £70 per figure. Anyway the figure is fantastic and is well worthy of being in everyone’s collection.


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